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Adobe Campaign and Adobe Target Recommendations Integration

Use case

In the current situation, personalization is key to retain consumers’ attention, and the best attention requires top-notch 1 to 1 personalization for keeping customers engaged.

The use case covered here is to leverage target recommendations in an email via Adobe Target delivery APIs in Adobe Campaign Classic. The type of recommendations include scenarios like recently viewed products, most viewed products, most purchased products, etc.

For instance:

In the retail industry, while sending a newsletter we can include the most recently viewed products.

Note: You can also do the 1 to 1 recommendation with Adobe Campaign Standard by using External API activity in the workflow.


  • Adobe Analytics
  • Target Premium License
  • Adobe Campaign Classic License
  • Understanding of Target Recommendations setup, mbox3rdPartyId configuration & Target Delivery APIs
  • Understanding of making API calls from Adobe Campaign Classic

Solution Architecture

  1. User activity is captured in Adobe Analytics
  2. When a user logs in to our website, we will collect the CRM ID in Adobe Analytics and share the CRM ID to Target
  3. We will share the CRM IDs who viewed a product to Adobe Campaign to mitigate the number of API calls to Target from Campaign. (Be aware of the limitations of Adobe Campaign API calls, if you are planning to use this integration for a large segment)—product-description.html

  1. Adobe Campaign makes a delivery API call to Adobe Target
  2. Adobe Target in response returns the recently viewed products for that particular user.


Campaign & Target Data Flow:


Now that we are done with discussing the use case and architecture, let’s jump on to how to configure the same in Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign.

The scenario which we are discussing below is to get the recently viewed products for a user from Adobe Target and embed them into Adobe Campaign email.

Below, we are only discussing about configuring Adobe Target Recommendation and Adobe Campaign configuration, I’m not discussing Adobe Analytics/Launch configurations as I’m assuming you are familiar with how to pass the mbox3rdPartyId from Analytics to Target.


Setting up the Integration on Adobe Target

  • For the recommendations to work in Adobe Campaign Email, make sure that the product feed is uploaded and live to serve the recommendations.

  • After the product feed and recommendation are setup, go to the Activities tab, and create a recommendations activity.

  • Set up a Recommendations activity in Adobe Target, using the Form-Based Experience Composer option.
  • For the location, specify any unique rawbox name. Please take a note of this rawbox name as we will be using the same while making the request from Adobe Campaign.

  • Select the required criteria for the recommendations in our case “Recently Viewed Products”

  • Create a custom design by turning off HTML design. So that, the recommendations are returned in the JSON format rather than the default HTML format, which would be easier to parse and use in Adobe Campaign.

  • Activate the recommendations activity when the configuration is completed.


Setting up the Integration on Adobe Campaign

  1. As a first step of this integration, please make sure you whitelist the Adobe Target URL in Adobe Campaign serverConf.xml


  1. To start with the integration in Adobe Campaign, we will keep it simple with 3 activities

                     a. Query Activity to query the users to whom we want to show recommendation.

                     b. Javascript Activity to fire the Target Recommendations API to get the recently viewed products and store them in temporary fields created                            in query activity

Note: For Adobe Campaign Standard, the “Javascript Code” activity is replaced by an “External API” activity. Get more info here.                                         c. Delivery Activity to send the email with recommendations from Target

a.      Query Activity

  • Setup a query activity with the below temporary fields

Page Url 1, Thumbnail Url 1, Name 1, Message 1, Value 1, etc. as shown in the below screenshots 1 and 2

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:


b.     Javascript Activity

  • Configure the following Target Delivery API call in the javascript activity as shown in screenshot 3.

Delivery API documentation Link:

Screenshot 3:


  • Make necessary modifications to the delivery API in the javascript activity by passing the hashed Id as thirdPartyId and the rawbox name which we are using in the Target Recommendations activity
  • Create temporary variables to capture the response from Adobe Target Recommendations API

  • Update the captured values from Adobe Target Recommendations API into the temporary variables created in the Query Activity

c.      Delivery Activity

  • Create a recurring delivery
  • Design the HTML code and paste the same in the delivery
  • Access the temporary variables created like Page Url 1, Thumbnail Url 1, Message 1, etc. as shown in the below screenshot


  • Use the temporary variable “Page Url 1” etc., as shown in the below screenshots

  • Once all the necessary configurations are made in the delivery, run the campaign and you should be able to see the recommendations in your email as shown below.

Note: You can do the same using Adobe I/O Runtime as well. As of today, the runtime is free of cost, but going forward there might be a licensing cost.

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