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SAP Commerce, Marketing & Loyalty Management

SAP Commerce, Marketing & Loyalty Management

Every merchant/retailer has an uphill challenge in the retail world to contain and maintain customer loyalty. In addition to today’s challenges, like shifting consumer shopping behavior and rapid technology advancements, it is particularly challenging for retailers to compete in consumers’ loyalty.
Most eCommerce marketers are looking for marketing strategies to retain/enhance customers and boost revenue. COVID proved the trouble of sustaining and existence of businesses online. Loyalty programs act as a massive motivation for customers, and they are genuinely interested in getting awarded for being loyal to the brand.

According to research, 78% of loyal customers are willing to spread the word about the brand to their friends and family. In the retail and B2C world majority, the customers create customers, and simple social sharing or word-to-mouth marketing is the most powerful marketing technique; 92% of people prefer product reviews and suggestions from the existing customers.

What is a Customer Loyalty Program?

Customer loyalty refers to the customer’s willingness to buy from a brand repeatedly due to the positive customer experience, satisfaction, value proposition of a customer’s transaction. Through the loyalty program, the customers are rewarded with

  • Discounts and rebates.
  • Rewards.
  • Free merchandise.
  • Coupons.
  • Access to unreleased products.

Why do You Need an Ecommerce Loyalty Program (Hint: Retention)

The most significant advantage of a loyalty program is that it can align an entire business toward the most profitable segment of the customer base. It means that the business will begin catering more to customers who have high repeat purchases or higher-order value – depending on the type of loyalty program you implement.
Here are some brand benefits of a customer loyalty program:

  • Retain existing customers/ Acquire new customers
  • Move customers up the buying ladder. – move your customers up the buying ladder – converting first-time buyers into repeat buyers
  • Win back lost customers. – Identify, target, and bring back these lost customers.
  • Increase lifetime value. –  Increase the lifetime value of your customer.
  • Identify your best customers. – Identify the best customer and observe patterns in their behavior. Use the same for better merchandising, advertising
  • and customer service.
  • Create your best brand influences. Customers buying often are prime candidates to be your brand influencers and ambassadors
  • Set apart from the competition. – With a loyalty program differentiates self from the competition
  • Reduce advertising costs. – business is often easy and inexpensive to operate with a committed business model when customers are loyal

What all loyalty program/strategies e-marketers are looking for

  • Reward Points Program – Every transaction adds up some points in the customer account, which redeems to cash or gift or gift voucher or additional buys.
  • Tiered Program – Tier encourage repeated business, The idea is to give a VIP experience and make a customer sense the importance
  • Subscription Program – The customer pays extra to receive the exclusive benefits, which usually are limited to unsubscribed customers. Examples include free delivery, video content, exclusive discount.
  • Automatic Monthly Orders – Give discount or preference to the customer on placing regular orders on a month or week basis.
  • Partner Programs

Ideas for Designing a Great e-commerce Loyalty Program

When brands fail to engage customers in a loyalty program effectively, both the brand and customer lose money on time and effort. It is imperative to design a generous loyalty program that inspires customers to do business often. The most crucial point is to keep it simple, make it fun and rewarding for the customer.

SAP Commerce Cloud V2 is known for its robustness and robust application to enable simple to complex Loyalty programs for any business. SAP Commerce Cloud provides an entire end to end framework for loyalty management. Below is a brief about what SAP Commerce has to offer enriched with TA Digital exclusive experience differentiators.

TA Digital has combined SAP Marketing Cloud with SAP Commerce and integrated the SAP Loyalty Marketing addon, and created a simple easy to use, ready-to-deploy solution on the cloud. The offering enables organizations to create loyalty programs that deliver a premium customer experience driving loyal brand advocates helping brands retain the customer in a more meaningful way while encouraging long-term advocacy and referrals.

SAP Hybris – Loyalty Features offerings (v1808 and above)

–         Rules Management

–         Customer and Loyalty tier Management

–         Member Management

–         Retail Registration, Accrual & redemptions

–         Loyalty Jobs Scheduling

–         Points Expiry

TA Digital SAP Loyalty Marketing API

At TA Digital, we created a plug and play Connector using the best in class SCP (SAP Cloud Platform Integration). SCP provides APIs for loyalty management, which can be consumed by any application. The Connector enables the Commerce storefront to integrate Loyalty into SAP Marketing Cloud, thereby enriching the Consumer Profile and provides marketers the ability to target customers using loyalty-specific attributes.


Loyalty solution is a tightly integrated application and an enriched solution out of the box with any brands. It helps you enhance customer retention in a more meaningful way.

In summary, SAP Commerce Cloud application, SAP marketing Cloud Solution, and the TA Digital Loyalty connector developed on SAP Cloud Platform provides an enriched way to achieve customer retention in the shortest time possible, providing the three most significant benefits to the brands and customers

  • Deliver a complete loyalty experience. Deliver an integrated loyalty program with tightly coupled core marketing and commerce capabilities.
  • Create personalized experiences. Give your customers meaningful, personalized loyalty rewards.
  • Go beyond loyalty. Convert customers to lifetime brand advocates.

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