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Sitecore Cortex is one of the most important feature introduced by Sitecore 9.

We can consider Sitecore Cortex as our own personal data scientist, which is available 24*7 and 365 days a year to help us to identify opportunities, creating recommendations to help us to improve the performance of our application and our campaigns, and to provide better experiences to our customers.

Sitecore Cortex is inserted into the Sitecore Experience Cloud.

Sitecore Experience Cloud combines three things:

  • Contextual Insights: The ability to discover most likely needs and intentions behind every interaction.


  • Content and Commerce: Gives personalized experience to every customer after first interaction.


  • Omni channel Distribution: Use right channel to provide contextual experience to every customer.

It is a Hugh powerful model designed to connect, collect and process enormous amount of data very fast from many different system.

What Is Sitecore Cortex ?

Sitecore Cortex is the platform for advanced marketing that makes use of AI and machine learning to drive marketing outcomes.

  • Sitecore Cortex is the cumulative name for the features of Sitecore that combine to enable “Contextual Intelligence”.

These are:

  • xDB – big data collection and processing capabilities within the Sitecore CXP.
  • xConnect – big data in, big data out of your Sitecore platform.
  • Machine learning – The initial marketing assistance built inside the Sitecore Experience Cloud, letting smart algorithms process your data, surface opportunities and trigger intelligent responses across all your digital channels.

It automate tedious processes by replacing human judgement with prediction or pattern recognition and also discover new patterns, groupings, segments and behaviours we didn’t know existed.


Cortex contains crunched huge volume of data in real time to increase the relevance and value of every customer experience.

  • Analyze: It analyze every purchase journey to identify the highest value audience segments.
  • Optimize: Testing of hundreds of variables to continuously optimize key engagements making them better and better over time.
  • Profiling: Profiling customer based on content consumption.
  • Building smart attribution model.
  • Creating self-learning engagement scoring.
  • Automated content tagging on intelligent recommendation.

Other Advantages:

Some other advantages of this architectural approach is that it will be easy to segment skill sets to build on and extend Cortex.

  • Data scientists with platform or R programming expertise and ability to calibrate models for best performance
  • Sitecore analyst who intensely understands xDB and xConnect data structures
  • Sitecore developers who deeply understands the pipelines and solution architecture
  • Marketing/Business stakeholder who understands marketing objectives, audience segments and KPIs for the organization (helps if they are a Sitecore power user too)

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