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Common installation issues for Sitecore Commerce – 9 update 2

The purpose of this blog is to help developers to save time while trouble shooting common installation issues while setting up Sitecore Commerce 9 update 2

Sitecore Experience Commerce 9  (XC) Update-2 has come up with the new features and improvements to its previous versions.

New Features in Sitecore 9 Commerce Update-2

  • Commerce catalog system has been included as part of Sitecore’s item publishing workflow.
  • Two new packages have been added to support commerce reports for Experience Profile and Experience analytics
  • Catalogs are now incorporated into the content area of the storefront sites and reside under a new “{tenant}/{site}/{home}/catalogs”  through which limited access to catalog for non-admin users is achieved .we can set and store Sitecore specific data settings  like workflow,presentation,personalization and on catalog items
  • SXA Storefront upgraded to SXA 1.7.1.
  • Storefront mobile responsiveness has been improved.
  • ​Sitecore has added a command line tool to the release download page that you can use to migrate Catalog and Inventory data from the legacy Commerce 8.2.x Commerce Server system.

Below are the issues that I have faced while installing Sitecore XC 9 Update-2

1.Deploy Commerce Database Issue while working with  SQL Server 2017

If we are working with SQL Server 2017 then we need to update  DeployCommerceDatabase.psm1 which is under SIF\Modules\DeployCommerceDatabase\DeployCommerceDatabase.psm1 .This file  needs to  be downloaded from gitlab .

Error which will be faced if the existing file is not overidden with the downloaded file

2.Error while disabling index update in case you use website folder as ScInstall Directory

ScInstallDirectory in the powershell script should be parent of website folder of the Sitecore XP instance.

	[string]$EngineSuffix = 'sc',
        [string]$SitePrefix = "site92",
	[string]$ScInstallDirectory = "E:\",


Error faced while running powershell script when used ScInstallDirectory as E:\

Solution:Change the ScInstallationDirectory to E:\ and my error got resolved.

3.Issues while copying site utility folder in case of  extra ‘/’ in InstallDirectory Parameter

while running powershell script I came across Cannot bind argument to parameter ‘Path’ issue as below

Here I had to do lot of debugging to identify the issue,parameters in my powershell script is shown below

$params = @{
        Path = Resolve-Path '.\Configuration\Commerce\Master_SingleServer.json'	
		SiteName = "$($SitePrefix).sc"
		SiteHostHeaderName = $SiteHostHeaderName 
		InstallDir = "$($ScInstallDirectory)\$($SitePrefix).sc"
		XConnectInstallDir = "$($ScInstallDirectory)\$($SitePrefix).xconnect"

Root Cause for the Error:As I have used installation directory as E:/ InstallDirectory variable (InstallDir “$($ScInstallDirectory)\$($SitePrefix).sc”) is returning(E:// which showing null value as path.


InstallDir = "$($ScInstallDirectory)$($SitePrefix).sc"

Solution:Modify the InstallDir variable.

4. Sitecore Identity Server Token Issue in case of  login for local user is not created in SSMS

when you use local user account  in the script  and if user is not created under logins in SSMS you will get below error.In that case you need to manually create local users under logins in SSMS.

Apart from the above issues you may come across the 502.3 bad gateway response from services if you have multiple instances of SQLServer  running in your local.In that case you need to change the Server from ‘.’ to respective server  name in all configuration files before installation.

It is recommended to do installation process by using proper adminstrative priviliges



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