About Sitecore Marketing Taxonomies

About Sitecore Taxonomy

Taxonomy is a categorized hierarchical structure in Sitecore that allows to identify and organize information. In Sitecore, Marketing Control Panel has all marketing categories like campaigns, goals, and events where we can add taxonomy tags.

Campaign Group

A campaign group is a high level group to create individual campaign activities. A Campaign Group having collection of activities like new product launch, advertisements etc. We can add a new Campaign Group. Select Campaign Group from Marketing Control Panel, On Home Insert group  Click Campaign Group and Give new name for the campaign group and Save. We have to deploy our changes from Taxonomy tab.


Channels are the ways to track the contacts interact with the campaigns across the multiple channels using the Marketing Control Panel. We can also use Channels to create personalization rules.

Channels are two types:

Online channels :- Sitecore having predefined channels groups and channels like Organic Search, Paid search advertising, display advertising, referrals etc. We can also create our own Channel groups or channels. We can track traffic coming from online channels by associating a compaign with an attribute channel. The online activities could be email campaign, ad banner, social media tweet etc.

Offline- Channels: Offline channels are those that can take place in various venues like restaurants, stores etc. We can track traffic from these offline channels via CRM software, iBeacon technology.


Assets are the items in Sitecore such as PDF’s, Videos, Reports, News Letters or White Papers. A kind of media library items where we can track how contacts interact with media items. We can apply taxonomy tag to marketing assets.


Venues are used to record a particular contact interaction. Venues are physical locations, such as a shops, railway stations, bus stops. We can create and organize venues under taxonomies in Marketing Control Panel. We can also create rules for venues which allows us to show personalized content.

Create your own taxonomy:

We can also create custom marketing taxonomies based on the business requirements. Custom taxonomies helps us enable organize the different types of campaigns, locations, channels. These will giving more control to track and organize our campaign activities.

We can create custom facets to describe aspects of campaign, goals or assets. These facets can be used to identify marketing activities. It can also track how contacts interact with these activities.  Here are the steps to start creating custom facets.

  • Login to Sitecore
  • On Dashboard, Click on Marketing Control Panel.
  • On the Marketing Control Panel, Expand the Taxonomy
  • Right click on Taxonomy, Insert Custom taxonomy. For example, create “Some Business Market”.

  • Add Custom Group on the custom taxonomy “Some Business Market” created. For example, create Some business market group.

  • Create a custom taxonomy tag “some tag” on custom group “Some business market group” just created.


  • Right Click on the Campaign Group and Insert a Campaign Group. For example, create Campaign Group “Some business product”.

  • Once you create campaign group add tracking Code which is tracked in business system. Apart, add description and image, it will help us to navigate through the content.


  • Now Save the item.
  • Deploy the item by selecting Campaign Group from Taxonomy ribbon.








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