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AEM Users and Groups Migration


This blog will demonstrate you how to migrate the groups and users with ACL permissions from one Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) server to another.

Groups Migration

  • Install ACS commons package.
  • Login to AEM author instance.
  • Navigate to tools page in we can able to see acs-common folder.
  • Touch UI, Navigate to Tools -> Operations ->Configuration,
  • Classic UI open Tools Console (http://localhost:4502/miscadmin#/etc/acs-commons/packagers)
  • Now we need to create a new page under packager’s folder with ACL Packager Template

  • Double click and open the page(Migrate Users)
  • Edit ACL Packager Configuration rules and configuration, as shown in below screenshot and click OK

Now enter all values:

  • Now click on create package.

Now go to the /crx/packmgr and download the package. We can install this package in other AEM instances

3. Users Migration

We can do users migration in two ways:

3.1 Creating ACL Packager:
 We need to create a new ACL packager like above and deploy in other AEM instance.

3.2 Package Create:
Another way is we can build package directly from http://localhost:4502/crx/packmgr with all users and install in any other instance.

ACL packages Reference Link:

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