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AEM Migration – CMS Bridge 2.0

Leveraging our experience over the years, we developed a migration tool, to migrate websites into AEM a few years ago. With all the changes to AEM and the feedback received from clients, we are happy to announce the next version. We have completely redesigned the tool for a better user experience and added more features.

Migration can be a real headache (manual or automated).  TechAspect’s CMS Bridge is built specifically to migrate content into dynamic templates and components in AEM. With the Migration Bridge scraping content from the web front end, it doesn’t matter what the source content store or CMS.

Once all the components are ready, content migration can begin. The first step is to identify the areas on the page and map them to the correct component as shown below.

Content to Component Mapping
Content to Component Mapping

Once you have mapped all the components on the chosen page, CMS Bridge will let you save it as a rule. In the next step, you would select the web page(s) for which migration is needed along with the rule to be used for migration as shown below.

Rule Selection
Rule Selection

CMS Bridge will then migrate the chosen page(s) into AEM including the content and images. The semi automated tool can reduce the migration  effort from 50-80%.


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  1. Debal

    September 23, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Hi Hemanth,

    In the 1st image I could see Property type and Property Attributes , both these features are associated with source site? Are you identifying the areas manually on page before mapping to component?


  2. hemanthm

    September 25, 2018 at 8:50 am

    Hi Debal,

    Yes. Both the features are associated with source site. We are identifying manually only at component level. Mapping is automated now in the recent version based on the selected component.


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