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Budget Template in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Many businesses use Excel templates to create their annual budgets.  By creating a budget template in Excel, you’ll save yourself time.  Just populate the monthly data by the general ledger account, and then after uploading the budget into Dynamics GP, you can include these budget numbers on your Management Reporter (MR) reports.

Here’s how to create a Dynamics GP budget template:

  1. In Dynamics GP, go to, Cards>Financial>Budgets. You can create a blank Excel template with your general ledger accounts.
  2. Click on the new button>using budget Wizard for Excel.
  3. Click on next and complete the following window. Fill in an ID for this budget.
  4. For Frx budgets make sure that the budget name if it has a space use and underlines 2017_Budget. Name the Fiscal Year you are creating this for.
  5. In the appropriate Budget Calculation Method in the next Screen. For Blank Budgets select Blank budgets.
  6. Select the years from which you want to pull actual amounts.
  7. Select Account types (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and Unit Accounts) in the next screen.
  8. Select Accounts of the above-selected account type.
  9. Next, Confirm the accounts we need; you can uncheck the accounts you don’t want.
  10. Select which Excel workbook do you want to use or you can create a new workbook.
  11. Click finish in the next screen, setup will ask you for an excel name for the budget and location to save it in the local storage.
  12. Click save, we have successfully exported the budget.

Importing a Budget:

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Cards>Financial>Budget.
  2. Click Excel in the menu, then select import from excel.
  3. Now you can see Budget Wizard for Excel, click next.
  4. Select an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP budget option and choose appropriate budget file, then click next.
  5. Verify the worksheet and click finish.
  6. The budget will be imported to GP.

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