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Quick Nuggets : How to List GIT branches dynamically in Jenkins Pipeline job

Use Case :

Now the Project is configured as parameterized Jenkins Job which requires the specific git branch  as Input to the git checkout . This parameter configured as Strign parameter . If any new Branch is created  in Git Repository  , we need add this branch Manually  configuring in the drop down every time a new bracnh is created . Some times human  error configuring the Branch names .


we make this parameter a choice parameter and dynamically fill the drop down list with the Git branches . when New branches Created in Git Repo  It will populated Automatically in DropDown List .


Option 1:

Usign the Jenkin PipeLine Script :

Create the PipeLine Job -> Pipeline section -> Defination of Pipeline Script -> write the Pipe line stages to build and get the Dynamic branches .


Pipeline Script For Build and Get the Dynamic Branches .

GITHUB_PROJECT = “https://github.com/zagadishreddy/game-of-life.git”
GITHUB_CREDENTIALS_ID = “Telcel” //maps to a Jenkins Credentials Vault ID
// Stages
stage (“Listing Branches”) {
echo “Initializing workflow”
//checkout code
sh ‘git branch -r | awk \'{print $1}\’ ORS=\’\\n\’ >branches.txt’
sh ”’cut -d ‘/’ -f 2 branches.txt > branch.txt”’
//sh “sed s’/origin”\’///g branches.txt > branch.tx”
//sed ‘s/$/from S0 to S1/’
stage(‘get build branch Parameter User Input’) {

liste = readFile ‘branch.txt’
echo “please click on the link here to chose the branch to build”
env.BRANCH_SCOPE = input message: ‘Please choose the branch to build ‘, ok: ‘Validate!’,
parameters: [choice(name: ‘BRANCH_NAME’, choices: “${liste}”, description: ‘Branch to build?’)]
stage(‘Checkout external proj’) {
echo “${env.BRANCH_SCOPE}”
git branch: “${env.BRANCH_SCOPE}”,
credentialsId: ‘Telcel’,
url: ‘https://github.com/zagadishreddy/game-of-life.git’

sh “ls -lat”

click the Build the Job -> Build History ->Console OutPut -> It will Prompt for Input pass the Branch Name .


Above Screen shot which Depicts the dynamically displaying the branches from  Git Repository .

Option 2: 

Install Active Choices Plugin  and need the groovy script to get the list of branches .


Steps Confiure the Job :

Create the New Job from the Jenkin console:

Select the  This project is parameterized option


Give the Name of parameter —>  Enable the Groovy Script Radio Button  -> Text Area  copy the groovy Script Code to get the branches Dynamically .

def gettags = (“git ls-remote -t -h https://username:password@github.com/zagadishreddy/game-of-life.git”).execute()
return gettags.text.readLines().collect {
it.split()[1].replaceAll(‘refs/heads/’, ”).replaceAll(‘refs/tags/’, ”).replaceAll(“\\^\\{\\}”, ”)

save the Job . Run the Job as Build with Parameters .



we can see the  All branches Displayed Dynamically  with out manuall effort some one to maintain to add the branch in the Choice List.

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  1. Jul

    January 7, 2019 at 6:03 pm


    The second solution seems better but the problem with it is that git username and password are hardcoded (and not encoded) in the groovy script.

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