Implementation of CUG in AEM

This document is to understand how to configure CUG in AEM. We may get a requirement to restrict some of the pages or register users access on publish instance. For this reason, AEM provided closed user group (CUG).

By implementing this, we can restrict specific page or child pages of any parent page on publish instance.

We will explain how to create Closed User Group and Configure Closed User Group on pages.

Create Closed User Group on AEM:

To create close user group, we need to follow below mentioned steps:

  • Login to AEM author instance
  • Now clicked on tools button then it is show you navigation button. In that click on security then it will open a new page. Please see below mentioned screen shots.

  • Now click on Groups and create a new group for CUG users.

  • Assign a user to this group. For whom we want to provide restricted access for the page.


  • Click on Save
  • Activate the user, which we have added in CUG group and activate cug-access group form the author to publish.

Configure Closed User Group (CUG) on pages:

To configure closed user group on page. Please follow below mentioned steps:

  • Login to AEM and click on projects icon.
  • Now navigate to any root page, which you want to restrict and need to assign to CUG group.
    For example: Here we are using /content/we-retail/us/en page.

  • Open the page properties on en page.

  • Go to the advance tab and enable the Authentication Requirement

  • Go to permission tab, Click on Edit Closed User Group and add CUG users group for this page

  • We can also add extra permissions for this page by click on Add permissions button.

  • Click on Save & Close button from the Top right corner in the page to save the changes.

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