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Fast Forward is a project template for AEM-based applications. It is intended as a best-practice set of
examples as well as a potential starting point to develop your own functionality. Many of the core
important components that are needed have been included in this project. TA Digital have created a
bootstrap application to accelerate AEM project development and hit the market faster. This has been
initiated from an idea of identifying components from different projects that TA Digital has done
throughout the years that can be leveraged and further set as a baseline for new/ existing projects. The
project and code structure, components, configuration and scripts under this project are generic and
can be reused for any project. They have been developed, validated and tested for latest AEM version
and technologies/ trends.

How it works?

The idea is to have a collection of components that are generic and can be reused for any project. They
have been developed, validated and tested for latest AEM version and technologies/ trends. Following
Adobe’s lead with their Core Components library and taking it much beyond, we created a bigger set of
components that are common and usually present in any project with the same design and
programming approach. We are not fond of reinventing the wheel, so we have taken Adobe Core
components, improved them and integrated them into our framework in such way that if Adobe creates
new versions of them we will be able to quickly incorporate in Fast Forward. When other Agencies build
abstraction, layers making development of common activities or tasks simpler than currently are with
Adobe APIs, Fast Forward brings a new, fresher approach. We provide, from day one of any project,
dozens of components that are immediately ready to use. They are not designed or implemented using
proprietary abstracted frameworks, so you, the customer, have transparency and control and the team
hits the ground at full speed. With this you don’t need to spend project cycles on application setup and
creating basic components, and as such the Project delivery time is reduced.
While other Agencies just provide a library and all the efficiencies brought to the table are up to the individuals involved in the project, in TA Digital we provide an integral solution for project execution efficiency and effectiveness.


Fast Forward provides:
• Arsenal of components with open code, and nothing obfuscated
• All components unit tested using best practices , and frame work in place for all future for
custom components to be developed
• Feature/Application design and coding style following industry standards
• Proven build and deployment scripts used extensively in TA Digital past projects
• A carefully selected combination of Front End Technologies to work seamlessly with AEM to
provide fully responsive experiences and ease interaction with REST APIs

What Fast Forward has to offer:

Fast Forward contains the following components
1) Alert Box Component: This component displays an alert dialog with three buttons namely Yes,
No and cancel button.
2) Background Image and Text Component: This component will show the text with a background
3) Breadcrumb Component: This component will reveal the user’s location in the site. It has a
checkbox to provide authors with the choice of hiding the Breadcrumb if needed.
4) Brightcove Video Component: This component facilitates adding any Brightcove video to page.
5) Container Component: This component acts as a section to the page with an option to have a
black or white background color.
6) Connect Images Component: This multifield Component displays an Image along with mapping
it to a specific link.
7) Column Control Component: This component lets an author split the content in the main panel
of the web-page into multiple columns. The author will an option to retain the consistent height
for the columns irrespective of the amount of data.
8) Client Logo Component: This component displays the client logo.
9) Feature Component: This component will render title, link, description and image with link.
10) Footer Component: This component shows the footer with button at top to take user to top of
the page, it shows one social icons row and one navigation links row.
11) Header Component: The header component consists of the header logo and top links
component with a background color.
12) Header Banner Component: This component will help us to drag and drop an image which can
be used as a Header Banner.
13) Image With Description Component: This component will have an image, title, description, a
dropdown to select the image alignment and a button with a link.
14) List Component: This component will render title and links with a dropdown to display the list
either horizontally or vertically.
15) Link Text Image Component: This component will allow us to add link with description, image
and link to get more details of it.
16) Link Builder Component: This is a 3-level nested multifield component displaying links and their
respective child, sub-child links.
17) Logo Component: This component renders logo image onto the page.
18) Mega Menu: This component is used as a navigator throughout the website containing the
listed pages from the website and its child pages as well.
19) Milestone Component: This component will display the year along with description of milestone
20) News Pagination Container Component: This component shows the latest news stories with
21) News Story: This component will render the publication date, link, publication and title.
22) Press Release Component: This component will help us in showing the press releases of an
organization in their web page.
23) People Data List Component: This component displays Name, image, Title and Email-id which
can be configured by author in the dialog.
24) RTE Component: This component draws rich text with multiple editor options.
25) Right Navigation Component: This Component displays a list of link / URLs.
26) Separator Component: This Component will render a horizontal line towards the center.
27) Separator Left Component: This Component will render a horizontal line towards the left.
28) Sitemap Nav Component: This component will render the site navigation based on Parent Page
29) SlideShow Component: The component shows the slides with ability to author speed of
30) Smart Button Component: This component displays a Button with link. When you click on the
button, you are redirected to that pagelink. This link can be a normal link or Youtube embedded
URL. If it is Youtube embedded URL, check the Youtube embedded URL checkbox.
31) Social Icon Component: This component will help you select the social icons where you want to
share the page.
32) Tab Component: Tab component allows us to add multiple tabs.
33) Text and Image Component: The component renders image and text onto the page.
34) Title Component: This component displays the title of a specific size.
35) Top Links Component: This component will display the contact information.
36) Title with Style Component: This component will display the title and contains the ability to
change the color and font size.
37) YouTube Component: This Component will display the selected YouTube video corresponding to the video id provided.

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