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Content Diff Tool for AEM

AEM provides a feature, out of the box,  to compare the latest version of an AEM page with one of its previous versions. While it serves the purpose, there are scenarios where business authors want more details. We, at TechAspect, have developed a tool with these features. Our tool’s main purpose is to provide an easy way for author’s to compare any two intermediate versions of a page with clear differentiation.

Goals & Objectives

  • Content Diff Tool is used to compare the different versions of a page using AEM. ​
  • The tool displays the different components that are newly added or modified.​
  • The  tool can compare two intermediate versions of a page.​
  • The tool highlights the component differences clearly with different colours i.e., red, orange and green.​
  • The tool also shows the total number of components modified.​
  • User is automatically redirected to the tool, unlike in other tools where you have to manually launch the tool.​
  • The Search Path is filled automatically by the tool i.e., a user does not have to fill the path of a page manually.​


How different from Out-Of-The-Box feature?

  • Content Diff Tool can compare any two versions of a page unlike in Out-of-the-the-box where we can compare  latest version only with the intermediate version of a page.
  • The tool intuitively highlights the added/modified/deleted properties of any component, which makes it easier for the user to compare the changes.
  • The tool can be launched directly from the page unlike in Out-of-the-box where we should launch the tool separately.
  • Page Path is made as a path field (selectable) where user can select the page to compare, thus avoiding manual mistakes in entering the path.
  • The tool provides a feature where we can restore a selected version of a page in a matter of seconds that saves a lot of time of the user.


How to use?

Now, let us navigate to the tool and see how it works. To go to the tool’s console, we click on the Page information button and then select the Open Version Tool.

Any two versions can be selected out of all the versions available for the selected page. In this example, we will select version 1.0 under Compare with and select the latest version under selected version. On the right-hand side of the tool, the total number of changes done in the components are displayed.

If we click on Hide unchanged components checkbox, only those components where the changes have been made will be shown.

Now, let us see how the tool compares the two versions of the page we selected. Scrolling down further, we see that in the Text component. 

  • Some content has been added in the latest version, which is highlighted in green colour.

  • Deleted content is highlighted in red color.

  • Content modified is shown in orange color.

Hope you liked our tool. Thanks to Ravi Sangubotla for guiding me and the UX team member, Veerabhadra Chary.

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