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Plug and Play Office locator Powered by AEM


Office locator or a store locator is an accelerator tool that is developed at TA Digital and is powered by AEM technology. The idea behind developing this tool is to show-case the ease  with which we can customize to support your branding and plug it in your website .  If you have a business requirement to search for offices or stores around the user’s location, using our accelerator would make things easier and faster at the same time.  We have adopted two approaches to feed data to the application – using CSV data and Google Places  data.

Office Locator using CSV data      

Feed data to application using CSV or Excel

A business author can upload the CSV or an Excel sheet with data – that has to be shown as results on the page. This data is handled using Java/back-end technology and stored as AEM Nodes in the Development Environment. We understand that this process – the data creation – could vary from time to time. So, we have made this process configurable with minimal effort for the business authors – it can be scheduled to run daily, every third day in a week and so on to match your requirement.

How to use the application

When a user visits your website for the first time, he/she will be prompted to access his/her current location.


Default View: The map can be customized to show state or country, when the end user rejects the permission to access his location.


However, when the user allows permission to his location, he/she can view the stores near him, automatically.


The user can also input the name of a city, state or enter the pin code or a zip code to view the stores that are around the location that is inputted. We have also implemented an autocomplete functionality which would assist users while entering the address.


Another interesting feature our accelerator tool has is that you can customize things like marker pins, to match with your business requirements. We have also given a facility to mark any of your offices or stores exclusive – if need be.


Office Locator using Google Places Library

Feed data using Google Places

Same functionality has been implemented but with Google Places Library as primary focus. Here, instead of feeding the data to the application through a CSV we are using data that is existing the Google Places Database. Business authors can configure the keyword related to the address that is searched. Since, we are using Google Places Library- it is expected that you have your address registered with Google.

How to use the application

Just like above scenario, when the end user visits your website, which he/she will be prompted to access the user’s location.The user can also input the name of a city, state or enter the pin code or a zip code to view the stores that are around the entered location. An autocomplete functionality has been implemented which would assist users while entering the address.


Along with the location pins on the map, the user can also see a scroll-able result list on the left side which shows more information about the store like the name, full address,phone number, website, rating and timings. By clicking on the Get Timings button on the list, the user can view the timings of the store.

I would like to thank my colleagues Arshina, Krishna and Harish for their tremendous support during the development of this tool.

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