SAP Hybris – How to install B2C accelerator

SAP Hybris Commerce provides accelerators to jump-start your eCommerce implementation thereby helping you significantly improve the go-to-market time for your eCommerce solution. B2C, B2B, Telco, Media, Travel, Marketplace and Financial Services accelerators are some of the out-of-box accelerators provided by SAP Hybris.

Installing B2C Accelerator

Here are the steps to install the B2C accelerator provided out-of-box by SAP Hybris

  • Download the SAP Hybris Commerce installation zip file from SAP portal.
  • Extract the installation zip file to a folder as close to the root directory as possible. You may run into issues when extracting the zip file with the in-built Windows tool. Use 7-zip File Manager instead.
  • I have extracted the installation zip file to D:\hybris6400p3. From here on, I will refer it to as <HYBRIS_HOME_DIR>. Ensure that <HYBRIS_HOME_DIR> does not contain spaces. Otherwise, you will encounter issues during the build process.
  • After the extraction, you will notice the following folders within <HYBRIS_HOME_DIR>

  • Notice that <HYBRIS_HOME_DIR>/hybris folder will contain only the bin directory.
  • Open a command prompt and change directory to <HYBRIS_HOME_DIR>/installer directory
  • Install the B2C accelerator by running install.bat –r b2c_acc on the command prompt
  • Notice that <HYBRIS_HOME_DIR>/hybris folder will now contain additional directories
  • Initialize Hybris by running install.bat –r b2c_acc initialize. Depending on your machine, this could take anywhere between 10 – 40 minutes.
  • Start the server by running install.bat –r b2c_acc start
  • Once the server is up, you can access the default yacceleratorstorefront by typing https://localhost:9002/yacceleratorstorefront/?site=electronics in the browser


*I have used Hybris v6.4 on Windows 10 Pro.

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