Sitecore Express Migration Tool – Problems & Their Solution



This blog explains about the some of the errors occurred using Express Migration Tool (EMT) and how to fix them.

The environment considered is migration from Sitecore Version 7.2 update 1 to Version 8.2 update 1 , it is assumed that developer has the basic knowledge of EMT.

Important Points To Follow Before Running EMT:




  •  System items should be migrated manually to avoid further complications.


  • The Sitecore version which has to be migrated is referred as “Source Instance” and the version to which migration is done is referred as “Target Instance“.


Problem & Solutions:



  • Getting DLL version errors
     Sol: Change the dll versions of System.web.MVC as per the target instance , it should be same as per the web.config of your project solution.


  • Getting Error related to Sitecore Role “Ribbon.aspx internal server error”
    Sol: This error will occur when there is a custom “Role” or “Domain” used.
    Navigate to the \Sitecore\Website\App_Config\Security\GlobalRoles.config and Domains.config and add the entries accordingly.


Custom Domain
Custom Domain
  • Getting mismatch warning from assemblies on building the projects.
     Sol: Remove/change the unwanted namespace as with every Sitecore Version the name space may differ.


  • Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.Analytics is giving compilation error.
    Sol: This occures as Source Instance’s Sitecore dll methods are obsolete/removed in Target Instance’s  Sitecore dll . For this you need to use the decompilers like Dotpeek or ILSpy and see the actual code these missing methods were using in Source Instance Sitecore dlls. For this Create a custom helper project and replicate the functionality of that obsolete dll functions.
    e.g.                      Obselete Method  : Tracker.CurrentPage.Register(eventData) ,
    new custom method to be used  : Tracker.Current.CurrentPage.Register(eventData)


  • Sitecore.Metatags dll giving runtime error.
    Sol: Just copy this dll from Source Instance’s webroot bin to Target Instance’s webroot bin.


  • Sitecore dlls have old version
    Sol: Install  Sitecore.Kernel , Sitecore.Client, Sitecore.MVC etc. dlls as per the corresponding Sitecore Version from Nuget , make sure that you select Noreference dlls as shown in following figure.


  • Getting Page Event Data  run time error
    Sol: Add Sitecore.Analytics.Core.NoReferences and Sitecore.Analytics.Model.NoReferences dlls from Nuget Package Manager. Select the required version of dlls in this case Version 8.1 rev 151207 . The browse Section will show the latest version but make sure to select the correct required version.



  • Installing Analytics Database giving following error :
    An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch.

    (Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo) ——————- Unable to open the physical file
    “E:\Softwares\Sitecore 7.2 rev 140228\DMS 7.2 rev. 140228\”.
    Operating system error 5: ” 5(Access is denied.)”. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 5120)

    Sol: Run Sql Server Management Studio as admin and give full permissions to .mdf and .ldf files for user account.


  • How to verify analytics is working properly ?
    Sol : Check whether the Data is getting populated in Visits table on button click.
    Note : Please make Analytics.Enabled = true in Sitecore.Analytics.config & Xdb.Enabled.config in Sitecore.Xdb.config


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