Gmail Integration With Hybris Storefront

Currently most of the E-commerce sites using Logging in to their website using a service such as Facebook or Google. Now our intention is try integrate gmail login into Hybris  store front. So if user has Already has account with gmail there is no need of registration in Hybris . This will save the customer time for placing order.

      Below are advantages of by using social account  login:

  •   Hassle-Free Login to Website.
  •   Potential Sharing Platform.
  •    Friendly User Engagement.
  •    Accurate Customer Data.
  •    Skip User Registration (Save End User time for checkout.).

    For Achieving this we need to  make below changes in your current Site.

    Step 1: Add following code at header cmscomponent

  • ex: minicartcomponent.jsp
  • Then we can find gmail at header section of electronic store.
  • Step 2: After that we can create filter that will identify if the user  is login with gmail or hybris. And this Gamilfilter register the user if he is visited the site first time.
  • By using above two steps we can skips the user registration .

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