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Implement an Azure Active Directory


This blog explain about how to Implement Azure Active Directory using Azure portal.

How to create Azure Active Directory?

Go to Azure portal and click on  New->AppServices->Active Directory->Directory->Custom Create as shown in the figure

You can provide directory name as “TechAspectAD” Domain name  and country or region you belongs to  and click on Complete button to create Azure AD. Open the created  “TechAspectAD” directory and click on “Users” tab. The current logged in user automatically becomes “global Administator” in the newly created Azure AD, giving full access to Azure AD.

Windows Active Directory offers 5 core services

ADCS- Active Directory Certification Services-Offers public key certificates if you want to implement certificate based authentication.

ADRMS- Active Directory Rights Management Systems-It allows to create policies that enforce control over access to information. The idea of RMs is unique and protection provided to any piece of information is Persistent. This means protection rules travels with data and can’t be separated.

ADDS – Active Directory Domain Services – Allows to manage network resources such as computers and users within network and integrates with DNS service of Active Directory.

ADFS – Active Directory Federation Services – Used for federating the identity of user and based on WSFederation standards.

ADLDS – Active Directory Light Directory Services – Similar to ADDS. Just based on LDAP standards.

Note: Azure AD is an extension to Active Directory. It should not be considered as a replacement to it.

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