Adding certificates to the WebSphere Application Server 7.0 trust store

To establish trusted server-to-server communication for IBM Connections, import signer certificates from IBM HTTP Server into the WebSphere Application Server default trust store.

here are different types of certificates that you can use. This procedure describes how to import a self-signed certificate. You can also import a certificate that you purchased from a third-party Certificate Authority. the same below steps applicable for third part certificate .

To import a public certificate from IBM HTTP Server to the default trust store in IBM WebSphere Application Server, complete the following steps.

Step 1:  SSL Configuration

Login into the WebSphere Application Server Admin console .
Go to Security tab in Admin Console and follow the below steps.
Security à Select “SSL Certificate and Key Management”

Step 2: Select “Key Stores and Certificates”  in the right side links  .

Step 3:Select “NodeDefaultTrustStore”

Step 4:Select “Signer Certificates”

Step 5:Select “Retrieve from Port”

Step 6:Give Host, Port, Alias name

Example: Host :

Port: for Normal connection 25

And for SSL enabled 465 or 443

Alias Name: Any name for the smtp server

Then Click on “Retrieve Signer Information” Button

Click and save . Now you can see the certificate imported from external site  in the Default cell .


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