SharePoint Troubleshooting – ‘There is no web named’ error

Connecting to SharePoint site using SharePoint Designer gives – ‘There is no web named’ error

Recently we have upgraded our SharePoint version from 2010 to 2013, Migration did not gave any major issues in Stage Server, later we did the same process in production server as well but we got a unique issue, when we try to access a site or subsite using SharePoint designer we are getting below error.


We did all things to fix the issue (checking log files & google workarounds) but none of them worked, only difference we found between Stage environment and live server is Search Configuration, we have configured Search Service application in live environment which is not configured in stage environment this gave us clue to troubleshoot in this angle.

At last we got fix and RCA *** (***- Not an permanent fix) after doing a SharePoint Full Crawl search now we can able to open SharePoint sites and subsites in designer without issue, but initially we are clue less why and when we will get this error, after spending some time we got to know that whenever we deploy a WSP or IIS reset happens, the issue persists.

Conclusion: I cannot say this is a permanent fix but this fix definitely helps us not blocking with our deployments to live server, as per my analysis whenever an IIS reset happens SharePoint Search indexing is reset in my live environment causing designer not able to identify the SharePoint Site URL, after a FULL Crawl Search Index again re builds and sites able to open in SharePoint Designer.

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